Zray SUP boards


Zray is a top iSUP brand, who has the biggest iSUP manufacturing center in China. 

  • The only supplier in the market who provides unique 6" think iSUP while still keeping competative cost.
  • Reliable business partner with 25 year history.
  • The biggest manufacturing center in China with more than 1,000 employee and production space over 1 million square ft.
  • Strong design and manufacturing capability that can quickly develop new products for new market opportunities.
  • Well known for high quality and outstanding design that can attract all kinds of iSUP players.
  • As Today's market leader, Zray continues to empower and inspire an interconnected community of stand-up paddler enthusiasts to live each day the fullest and to keep exploring the world around them.
  • In 2016 Zray released a whole new range of boards to fit in different usage and to provide more fun on the water.