Wide range of canoeing and kayaking, paddles, accessories and parts at great prices and of course the best quality. We have three categories of canoeing to choose from:

1) Canoe-Kayak made with polyethylene material, unsinkable and unbreakable! This kayaks are timeless because they withstand the sun, the sea, hits on rocks and dragging in the sand or pebbles. Due to their advanced technology they do not break down. They will accompany your summers for a lifetime!

Sit-on-Top is the kayak that sits up. They are shaped with mold and equipped with all necessary accessories such as handles, clips, plugs and even waterproof spaces. Easy to use and stable, they fit to everyone.
Sit-in are the kayak that sits inside. Specially designed for sea, suitable for larger, faster and more relaxing journeys. Fully equiped.

2) Inflatable kayaks.
Excellent quality made with PVC material, inflatable canoes / kayaks equipped with seats, carrying bag, pump, etc. Many options to choose the one that best fits your needs.

3) Transparent canoes made of durable and lightweight polycarbonate material. To wach the seabed while enjoying a relaxing stroll. The one-seat transparent canoe is ideal for fishing.

We have join the transaction of canoes and kayaks since many years and we have never stopped looking for the best products that we can provide to the most competitive prices!

Below you see all available canoe / kayak models we have in our store. For more information feel free to call us.

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