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Trainer V2 5,0 Dacron sail - Complete windsurf Rig with epoxy mast - ΤΙΚΙ

Trainer V2 4,5 Dacron sail - Complete windsurf Rig with epoxy mast - ΤΙΚΙ

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Brand: Tiki
Product Code: TRAINER-SET-4.5-TIKI
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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ

Trainer V2 4.5 Dacron sail

Light, strong and easy handling makes our Trainer V2 sail great for the first steps in windsurfing.

- The sail is compact and has a short mast and balanced pressure point distribution. Even with more wind performers the sail very stable.

The sail is built out of 180 grams Dacron and is reinforced wherever needed for beginners.

The sail includes 4 battens for maximum stability.

The Technospar Epoxy masts and boom that come with the set are strong and light.


The Rig includes:

RDM 355cm Junior Epoxy mast
Adjustable Comfort boom 140-190cm
Dacron sail 180gr with transparent PVC window
Extension with trim-Adaptor
Classic Uphaul



Vario Top
PVC Window
UV resistant

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