Kayak of polyethylene (plastic)

The polyethylene kayaks are the best seller in the market because they are light weight, unbreakable, stable, they have nice tracking and they are fast. They are an economical product since you buy it once and keep it for life.

Polyethylene kayaks are perfect to use and have very low price. Are very friendly to use by someone beginner but also will satisfy the most demanding paddler.

With every buy of a kayak we give as a gift a paddle/s and seat/s



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1 person seat-in kayak Otium Ι with paddle 1 person seat-in kayak Otium Ι with paddle

1 person seat-in kayak Otium Ι with paddle

Otium is the fastest seat-in kayak suitable for open sea trips, designed by Winner Kayaks. It can ta..
990.00€ 920.00€

Double kayak 2+2 seats Duorum Seaflo with 2 paddles

SEAFLO Parent-child DUORUM Kayak The Duorum SEAFLO 2+2 kayak is perfect for the family and friend..
KungFU Kayak/SUP KungFU Kayak/SUP

KungFU Kayak/SUP

Kung Fu is the all-in-one kayak and with it you can do it all!  It has solid hull and high sta..
476.00€ 290.00€

Leisure Dave Updated single kayak for fishing with rudder system and a comfortable aluminium seat

Leisure Dave is the new Winner Kayak fishing kayak with a comfortable aluminum seat and rudder syste..

Nereus 2+1 seats sea Kayak SCK with 2 paddles and 2 backrest

Nereus is an easy to use, very stable and affortable sea kayak for everyone.  Designed with 2 ..
Rider 1-seat kayak with optional electric motor Rider 1-seat kayak with optional electric motor

Rider 1-seat kayak with optional electric motor

Winner Kayak factory built a kayak so small, only 2 meters, that fit into a single car to be transpo..
499.00€ 449.00€

Seaflo Seat-in Kayak with paddle

Seaflo SIT-IN kayak This sit-in kayak is designed for fun-loving paddlers. Polyethylene blow m..
Seat-in kayak 2 person SCK with 2 paddles Seat-in kayak 2 person SCK with 2 paddles

Seat-in kayak 2 person SCK with 2 paddles

HUG Two person seat-in kayak by SCK Dimentions: Length: 5,20 m. Width: 0,66 m. High: 0,43 m. ..
1,250.00€ 999.00€

Single Kayak Puny Seaflo with paddle

Seaflo Puny kayak This is a SOT kayak ideal for family fun. It is easy to use, small and light we..

Single kayak Purity SCK with paddle and backrest

The Purity kayak is a small but stable seat-on-top kayak.  The best choice for beginners, fami..

Single seat fishing kayak with wheel Lupin Seaflo with paddle

The LUPIN Seaflo fishing kayak is durable and designed to accommodate you as your comfortable fishin..

Single seat kayak Seaflo 1+1 with paddle and backrest

SEAFLO Parent-child Kayak This 1 adult and 1 child sit-on-top kayak is great to have fun with fam..

SUP board 9'6'' polyethylene SeaFlo with SUP paddle

Σανίδα SUP πολυαιθυλενίου μάρκας Seaflo με ρυθμιζόμενο κουπί SCK Η σανίδα αυτή είναι ίσως η πιο ο..

Μονοθέσιο seat-in Dreamer καγιάκ SCK with paddle

DREAMER single seat-in kayak by SCK. Characteristics: Length: 4,20 m Width: 0,63 m Hight: 0,..
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