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Transparent kayak 2-seat SERENUS 2 SCK

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Brand: SCK
Product Code: RYM35-SRN2
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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ

This product has a large volume so a transportation company will handle the shipping instead of a courier. Shipping costs can be arranged upon request but surf center will be burdened part of the cost.

Serenus 2 by SCK

Transparent Kayak for two person

The two-seater transparent kayak for two people is perfect for leisurely walks and ideal for renting in areas of great underwater interest.

The Serenus 2 has a simple design that makes it user-friendly, with two comfortable platform seats made of the same polycarbonate material.

Its equipment includes 2 orange triangular balloons, for the bow and stern respectively. They are used to keep the kayak on the surface in case it gets water inside as it does not have "sinks" for draining the water and they also need to make the kayak visible to third parties.

The main accessory is the fin that adapts to the stern so that the kayak has the right direction, as it has an oval hull design.

The Serenus 2 sells along with 2 aluminum kayak paddles with transparent fins.


Standard equipment

- kayak paddles, 2 (the paddles might be diferent than the photo)
- Transparent seats, 2
- Oval balloon in orange color for visibility




- Length: 339 cm
- Width: 91 cm
- Height: 45 cm
- Weight: 20 kg
- Capacity: 200 kg
- Material: polycarbonate


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