Classic 2,5 Dacron sail - Complete windsurf Rig - ΤΙΚΙ


Classic 3,5 Dacron sail - Complete windsurf Rig with epoxy mast - ΤΙΚΙ

Classic 3,0 Dacron sail - Complete windsurf Rig with epoxy mast - ΤΙΚΙ

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Brand: Tiki
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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ

Classic TIKI 3.0 SET

The Classic Dacron sail is specifically designed for windsurfing schools that need durable windsurfing sails.

- Sails up to 3.0sq.m have one batten at the top of the sail, but bigger sizes (up to 5.0sq.m) have two battens.

- An innovation to all Classic TIKI sails up tosq.m: They float on water! They have a layer of floating foam between the dacron in the top of the sail in all sizes up to 3.0. This makes the sail even lighter.

The Classic has the perfect balance of stability, weight, and performance to make learning easy and fun.

The Technospar Alu masts and boom that come with the set are strong and light.


The Rig includes:

RDM epoxy mast 310cm
Adjustable Boxer boom 
Dacron sail with transparent PVC window
Trim Adaptor
Classic Uphaul



Vario Top
PVC Window
UV resistant

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