EVA soft Roof Racks 60cm

Car roof racks set with reinforced straps SCK

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Brand: SCK
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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ

Roof-Rack set for all cars with built-in straps.

We often want to carry a kayak, a SUP, a surfboard or two, but we don't have racks in our car.

This set of racks is the solution!

It adapts easily, quickly and safely to all cars, ideally with 4 doors.

It is designed with the pads on the edges so that the roof of the car is not pressed in the center.

The installation method is simple:

→ Open the car doors.
→ Place the racks, one far forward and the other far back. The distance between the racks must be large enough so the product won't move.
→ Pass the strap through the car and fasten it to itself, using the safety buckle.
→ You are ready to place and tie your product.

Straps for tying the product are included. The straps are attached to the rack set, simply place the canoe/kayak/SUP/surf or whatever, bring the straps over the product and pass one end through the buckle. Pull until it is tight enough to keep the product from moving.

The material of the pads is a solid soft plastic. Firm enough to hold its shape and soft enough to protect your product.



• Overall length: 93 cm
• Length from each pad: 36,5 cm
• Height from each pad: 8,7 cm
• Width of each pad: 15 cm
• Strap width: 4 cm


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