Boom 135-195cm Carbon 100% monocoque Dynafiber


Boom 140-190cm Comfort C-Shape monocoque - Alu T8 TIKI

Boom 140-190cm ALU Rushwind monocoque

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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ

Rushwind monocoque

Size: 140-190 cm






• MONOCOQUE: All models, alloy or carbon, are entirely monocoque. No screws, no oxidizing sections. The front handles of the Mono Alu models are reinforced with a double tube section.

• MODERN CURVE: All booms (except the Mono Carbon in big sizes) are designed with a modern and special curve adapted for an optimal comfort when sailing.

• SDM to RDM in 1 sec: Some of booms integrate a removable adaptor on the boom head. This means you can switch from an RDM to an SDM mast in 1 second!

• SMALL DIAMETER: Some models are available in very small diameters. Ideal for kids and girls!

• COMFY GRIP: The soft grip offers optimal comfort for the hands while remaining tough and durable.

• TAIL PADS: Carbon tails include rubber pads to protect them from damages and impacts when rigging.

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