Jobe Reversible Impact Ladies vest


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Jobe Reversible Impact Ladies vest

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Brand: Jobe
Product Code: vest-jobe-nylon-women-pink
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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ

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This 50N ISO-certified nylon vest for women is manufactured with super strong and lightweight nylon fabric on te outside and soft PE-foam on the inside.

Adjustable webbing straps give this vest the perfect fit and good comfort.

We continue to impress you with a front zipper for easy entry and strong YKK buckles.

Our designers stayed up late to make sure Jobe's nylon vest has a perfect fit, to guarantee ultimate safety.

Size Chart:

XS: Chest: 82-86 cm / Waist: 65-69 cm
S: Chest: 86-90 cm / Waist: 70-74 cm
M: Chest: 94-98 cm / Waist: 78-82 cm
L: Chest: 102-106 cm / Waist: 87-92 cm
XXL: Chest: 113-119 cm / Waist: 99-105 cm

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