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Brand: SCK
Product Code: SCK-SF9-RD
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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ

This product has a large volume so a transportation company will handle the shipping instead of a courier. Shipping costs can be arranged upon request but surf center will be burdened part of the cost.

Surf Soft-board 9ft Red SCK

Longboards are for everyone, regardless of age, weight or experience and are a class on their own. Larger board means greater stability and ease in first surfing tests.
These boards are designed with many liters on the bow that resembles a nose-rider board. In addition to their long length, these boards have a larger width. It is a very good first choice especially for the overweight person.
Longboard boards are probably the most fun boards as they give a bit more room and balance for balance play, even surfing with 2 people at a time.

Ideal for pounds 75-95 kg

Caution! The weight is indicative and only applies to surfing. This board is not suitable for kayaking or SUP paddles.



Length: 9 '/ 108 inch / 274cm
Width: 23.21 inch / 59 cm

Round-nose & squash tail



- 3 blades 4.8 inch / 12 cm
- Simple foot leash


Technical Characteristics:


- Construction materials: EPS core, XEPE Polyethylene deck and HDPE Slickbottom
- Reinforcement with EPX resin
- One central fiberglass string and two wooden strings at the sides for more robust handling and better performance
- Safety leash: Straight nylon
- 3 fin system for Soft Surf


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