Surfboard Torq 6'3'' Epoxy TET Fish White

KOALITION Surfboard Fins Thruster Carbon FCS 3pcs

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Brand: Koalition
Product Code: 21060
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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ

Molded Fiberglass, Honeycomb, Carbon composite fin with engineered flex and tip response.

For all board types with a thruster set up and FCS compatible fin systems.

Size: Large

Front Fins:
Base: 118mm
Depth: 119mm
Rake: 37,6 degrees
Foil: Flat

Rear Fin:
Base: 113mm
Depth: 113mm
Rake: 39 degrees
Foil: 50/50

Material: Moulded Fiberglass, Honexcomb, Carbon
Rider weight range: 75-100 kg

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