Jobe Buzz Trainer Kids Waterskis complete set


Jobe Hemi combo ski 65''

Jobe Hemi combo ski 59''

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Brand: Jobe
Product Code: HEMI-59INCH
UPC: 202420001
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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ

Jobe Hemi Waterskis 59 inch

Skiing equals a fun and splashing day on the water. Help the mini's on their way with a two handled towrope and detachable stabilizing bar for an easy and safe start.


- 59" Incl: stabilizer bar
- Beginner level water skis
- Bright fins for extra visibility
- Comfortable front toe and adjustable heel
- Extra overlay for durability
- Glossy protective top finish
- Rim injection construction with extra metal rods for stiffness
- Slalom toe
- Tunnel design for easy edge to edge and better tracking
- Wide profile for easy starts

- Adjustable binding fits size: 59": US 1-6 | Europe 32-40
- Weight range 59": < 55 kg



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