Neoprene Shorts ladies 2mm black-pink Aropec


Neoprene Wetsuit 5mm man Super-Stretchy & Semi-dry Aropec

Neoprene Wetsuit 5mm lady Super-Stretchy & Semi-dry Aropec

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Brand: Aropec
Product Code: DS-5B134W-5ZSemi-5mmN/ES
UPC: DS-5B134W-5
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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ

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-5mm super-stretch front-elbow/back/back-waist/side-trims/back-knee/back-calf to ensure flexibility and freedom of movement.

-5mm Supratex hip to provide durability.

-Front neck equip #5 zipper for comfortable breath, also equiped with smooth skin from the inside.

-Back collar with adjustable Velcro closure to provide better comfort.

-Semi-dry PK S-Lock back zipper provide better water-seal and Nylon webbing for easy zipping.

-Wrist & ankle with zippers to help when put-on and take-off.

-The wrists and ankles are sealed with double layer of cuffs, to guarantee minimum water infiltration and decidedly superior thermal quality.

-Glued and double blind-stitched to reinforce durability and greater waterproof.

-Printed shoulder pads providing excellent slip-resistance.

-Integrated Liquid-rubber kneepads for greater durability.

-3D template pattern & cutting design to fit full-body sizing better.


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