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JP Freestyle Wave FWS 101L 2009

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Brand: J.P.
Product Code: 08-boards-jp-freestylewave-101-2009
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FULL WOOD SANDWICH Technology with Biax Carbon Reinforcements. Limited Finish.
THE  board  for  ALL  conditions  -  you  don't  need  to  look  anywhere  else. Over the years they became the benchmark board in their category.

• We kept the blend of all-round performance, ease of use and control and spiced it up by increasing its potential in the waves.
• The boards are incredibly easy and uncomplicated to sail, helping the pilot to make the most out of their time on the water.
• The new scoop rocker line, especially on the bigger sizes, allows the board to jump onto the plane right off the bat and race to top speed. This  is  essential  for  putting  the  hammer  down  on  the  way  out  and  boosting rocket airs.
• Additional curve in the outline between the straps combined witha more pinched tail gives the board a loose feel and improves the carving  ability.  This  pushes  the  board  line  evern  closer  to  the  performance of a real wave board.
• The optimized deck radius contributes to a comfortable stance whether using the inboard or outboard foot strap option.
• These footstap options allow the rider to change the handling characteristicsfrom wave mode to a great blasting board for costal and flat water conditions.
• When set up for freestyle the board also feels right at home, light underfoot andpopping freely while sliding in a safe and predictable manner.
• The  soft  tuck  line  reduces  the  chances  of  the  rail  grabbing  in  mid-Spock  and  promotes a comfortable and smooth ride over chop.

SUMMARY They are extremely easy to sail and bring together a combination of early planing,high  speed,  excellent  jumping  and  a  crisp,  lively,  exciting  ride.  Competent  all-rounders which are great for flat water or wave use and also for freestyle.  
RIDER Slightly advanced to expert riders who need a board that covers it all - bump &jump, freestyle and waves

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