North idol 4,2 2014

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Competition Freestyle Wave

Within a short time the IDOL has found a huge following. On one hand, real freestylers who are performing the latest moves and need the right sail for that. On the other hand, wave enthusiasts who are  looking for a particularly light sail for the wave.

Interestingly freestyle sails and power wave sail designs are very similar in many respects. This explains why Kai Hopf took the legendary Hero as the starting point for the development of the brand new IDOL and adapted it exactly to the requirements of the freestyle world record champion Gollito Estredo in a number of stages. 

The superiority of the 4 batten design is obtained (as well as on the HERO) primarily through the BALANCED.LUFF.LENGTH that determines the precisely balanced ratio of luff- to boom length: As short as possible for radical throw-ability, as long as necessary to ensure sufficient stability for a maximum wind range. 

The draft is being more forward oriented which produces a lot of lift to enable increased pop, thus providing more time and height for jumps out of the leeward position. 

In addition, the unique straight foot geometry supports all kinds of tricks and duck-maneuvers as it offers more "space". 4 battens, an optimized mix of materials and the use of lightweight materials and fittings as well as the PURE.PATCH.TECHNOLOGY all together enormously reduce the weight of the sail. 

Overall, the new IDOL is the ultimate competition freestyle sail that, because of its origin, even works remarkably well even in waves.

Key features


> 01   NEW: Stabilized top construction for reduced top flattering

> 02   NEW: Extremely sturdy,unbreakable epoxy battens

> 03   PURE.PATCH.TECHNOLOGY at the clew, luff and the batten pocket ends make for 50% weight savingscompared to regular patches

> 04   BALANCED.LUFF.LENGTH luff as short as possible for radical handling and as long as necessary for maximum wind range

> 05   STRAIGHT.FOOT.DESIGN and forward draft for increased lift with leeward maneuvers

> 05   iROCKET, NorthSails lightest batten tensioner of all time

> 06   Exclusively designed for RDM masts


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