Inflatable SUP board Desna 10' Jobe complete package

Inflatable SUP board ATOLL EPIC premium 11'6'' zray with paddle

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Brand: Zray SUP boards
Product Code: ZRA4
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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ

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If you were looking for a SUP that is easy, beautiful, light, stable, that fits everywhere, has it all and is very economical ... you found it!

A company with 25 years experience on the inflatable manufacturing, dynamically entered the field of Stand Up Paddle in recent years creating a series of inflatable SUP and kayaks which are accessible both in use and in value. zray stands out because it combines rightly, the manufacturing quality both in materials and in style. It pays attention to design and detail (that make the difference). Cares for all the models the same, making them with 15cm thick board which gives unique stiffness at Inflatable SUP. And all this while remaining at a low and affordable cost.

Buying an inflatable SUP of zray you will pick up a package (about 90cm x 50cm x 20cm) with complete set to get into the sea. The SUP which is folded into a large and comfortablebag back, that will also serve you to carry and store, as it fits all the equipment inside. The fin, the elastic rope that goes into the bow,a repair kit as well as a adjustable aluminum paddle from 165-215cm which naturally floats in water!

It doesn't include leash.


 zray A4 iSUP premium
 350 cm (11'6'')
Width: 81 cm (32'')
Thickness: 15 cm (6'')
board Weight: 14.8 kg
Maximum load: 160 kg
Volume: 300 L
Fins: 1 central removable + 2 side



- 2 layers of PVC material for extra durability and robustness

- Anti-slip pad: EVA pad 'crocodile skin'

- 4 stainless D-rings for applying kayak seat

- 1 stainless D-ring for the safety leash

- 1 extra stainless D-ring at the hull behind the fin slot



- zray high pressure hand pump up to 25 psi

- Deluxe back pack with side pockets

- Adjustable ALU puddle 165-215 cm. breakable into 3 parts

- Detachable foot rest for the feet when using the SUP as a kayak.





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