Spare Accessories Canoe - Kayak

Various parts Accessories for canoes and kayaks and replacement accessories for service, like watertight hatch cover, parts of kayaks, spare screws, accessories to make the kayak suitable for fishing, kayak handles and other useful accessories for the sea kayak.

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Backrest for kayaks Classic

Seat suitable for nearly all kayaks. It perfectly adapts with 4 metal clips that catch at 4 point..

Backrest-seat kayak Super Deluxe SCK

Super άνετο ρυθμιζόμενο κάθισμα για κανόε καγιάκ Super Deluxe This kayak seat is the latest add..

D-Ring replacement for Kayak

D-Ring Spare Part for Kayak Includes - Stainless steel D-ring compatible with almost all kay..

Kayak backrest

Soft backrest for kayak. It is easy to apply with 4 clips and it has adjustable straps. Dimens..
Removable waterproof storage for Bay Kayak

Removable waterproof storage for Bay Kayak

Portable Watertight storage wich is also a backrest for Bay 1 & Bay 2 ExoKayaks. Capacit..
90.00€ 49.00€

Replacement Belt for Seaflo kayaks

Replacement Belt for Seaflo kayaks This belt is compatible with Puny kayak SF1003-PUNY ..

Replacement Handle for Seaflo kayaks

Replacement Handle for Seaflo kayak Τhis handle fits only with Seaflo Primus 2 and Duorum kayaks...

Replacement plastic backrest for all Seaflo kayaks

Spare back set for all Seaflo kayaks The set includes - Plastic backrst - Adjustable strap ..

Replacement plastic backrest with Handles for Seaflo SF-1003

Spare back set with handles for kayak Puny Seaflo This backrest is only compatible with Seaflo's ..

Rod holder external SCK

Rod holder external SCK   - Suitable for Seaflo kayaks: Nereus, Conger - Along with ba..

Rod holder external SeaFlo

Rod holder external SeaFlo   - Suitable for Seaflo kayaks: Puny, Sit-in, Pair, Fat-boy, L..
Rod holder external with star base Rod holder external with star base

Rod holder external with star base

A detachable rod holder with a star base. You can customize this base in any kayak you own. Th..
21.00€ 19.00€

Rod holder for kayak Seaflo

Rod holder for kayaks - Seaflo ..

Side Handle for kayaks

Side Handle for kayaks ..

Soft handles for kayak paddle set

Soft and non-slip handles for kayak or SUP paddle. The easiest and most comfortable way to paddle..

Weatherproof round Hatch for kayaks 25cm

This round hatch cover can be placed at any kayak! Measure your kayak, make the hole and place th..

Weatherproof round Hatch for Seaflo kayaks

Weatherproof round Hatch for Seaflo kayaks ..
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