Pedal Boats

Durable and reliable pedal boats

The Centro Nautico Adriatico marine pedal boats are manufactured in Italy and are especially suitable for professional use because they do not brake down after many seasons. Durable and reliable.

These products are made upon request and delivered within approximately one month of the advance payment. Prices on these products do not include VAT.

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Pedal Boat Capri 4 Centro Nautico Adriatico

Capri 4 Classic but also contemporary and stylish. Extremely functional and practical with option..

Pedal Boat Capri Beach

Pedal Boat Capri Beach A new and innovative model, convenient and comfortable but also captivatin..

Pedal boat Capri Formula 3.3 Centro Nautico Adriatico

Pedal boat Capri Formula 3.3 Centro Nautico Adriatico It has the same characteristics of the Ca..

Pedal Boat Capri Formula Centro Nautico Adriatico

Pedal Boat Capri Formula Centro Nautico Adriatico Captivating and fun for everyone and especially..

Pedal Boat Capri L

Capri L A classic and stylish boat with canvas seats that guarantee comfort and relaxation whilst..

Pedal Boat Capri Mini Beach

Capri Mini Beach A new model designed to meet everyone's needs. The Capri Mini Beach is a combina..

Pedal Boat Capri Solarium Centro Nautico Adriatico

Capri Solarium It includes a large sundeck for stretching out and relaxing in the sun. As an opti..

Pedal Boat Capri Vision Centro Nautico Adriatico

Capri Vision Innovative, smart and fun, for discovering the beauty of the seabed around the world..
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