photo Model Person Dimentions (cm) Weight (Kg) Info Price (€) +VAT
φουσκωτό Kayak aqua marina K1 used Aqua Marina View II 2 Length:400, Width:80 Weight:11, Capacity:160 Inflatable kayak, complete with paddles, back-rest, pump and bag. It has repairs. 290€
Nereus Green yellow Swing 1 Length:450, Width:62 Weight:20, Capacity:80

Seat on Top that looks like a Sit-In kayak

Winner Nereus 2 +1 Mήκος ~370*85*40 Weight: ~38
Capacity: 220 
SOT 2seat kayak with 3rd spot for a kid. Color Red, Condition good. 450 €
SCK Nereus  2 +1 Μήκος: 372*89*45 Weight: 32
Capacity: 250
SOT 2seat kayak with 3rd spot for a kid. Color blue-white, Condition good. 490 €
Winner Vue2 Red Winner Vue-2 Red 1 Length:279, Width:74 Weight:24, Capacity:120 SitOnTop kayak with transparent bottom 200€
Kayak Winner Maveric Angler kayak used Winner Kayak Maveric 1 Length:404, Width:89, Height:41 Weight:29, Capacity:158 SOT Angler Kayak with a rotating 360 degree aluminum seat | In perfect condition | Includes rod holders that can be placed in several places, a refrigerator cabinet, 2 watertight hatches, a steering wheel system, an aluminum seat converted into a trailer, Drain valve, Drainage system with removable rubber plugs, Stainless D-rings. Needs repair 390€
Aqua Marina XPLR Aqua Marina XPLR 2 Length:365, Width:90 Weight:18.5, Capacity:210 Air chambers: 3 + keel, with socket for electric motor (150 €, included in the price 650€), Includes: Air pump, 2 paddles, 2 seats with back, footrest, repair set, carrying bag 550€
Kings Kraft SCK Veloce 2 φουσκωτό κανό 2 Lenght:473, Width:86 Weight:18, Capacity:300 Inflatable SitOnTop complete with paddles, back-rests, pump and bag with wheels. 650€