Shipping Options

We ship products to every part of Greece. For orders which exceed 100 euros the shipping cost is free of charge.

You can receive your order from any part of Greece you wish, through the Courier services or through one of the transportation companies we work with. The only thing you have to do is state your exact shipping address while you are registering your order. There are no areas inaccessible or distant that we cannot reach. We service every area of Greece. There is a possibility that you might be financially burdened with a part of the shipping expenses, when transportation companies are responsible for the shipping, due to the number of the products. We take over the shipping cost for the large cities of Greece.

Your orders are shipped everyday (apart from Sunday and public holidays) by in 2 ways:

  • By courier services (1-2 days). The shipping expenses cost 5 euros for every part of Greece. For orders that exceed 100 euros, the shipping expenses are free of charge.

  • By delivery service (1-3 days and the orders are delivered at your location)

    When the number of the products exceeds the limit of the courier services, the products are shipped with a special transportation company. In this case, our sales department will inform you via telephone.

*If ,for any reason, you do not wish your order to be delivered at your place and you wish to receive your order yourselves from the Courier Service Shop, then at the Comment section of your order, you need to state “ Delivery at the Courier Service Shop”. In this case, your order will be send and will remain at the nearest Courier Service shop, in order to receive it yourselves.

You may also receive your order at our shop in Thessaloniki,43 G. Papandreou Street, zip code: 54646, during working days and hours.

For any futher information or clarification you may contact us on: (+30) 2310 428 128 or send an email to: