Payment Options

1. You can pay off your order when it is delivered at your place. (Cash on delivery).                                       

You may pay the total amount of your order when it is delivered, to the deliveryman or to the Pickup Point of the Courier company. According to the existing tax-provisions, sales vouchers worth over 1,500 euros of private citizens and sales vouchers worth over 500 euros of businessmen/companies ( Invoices), must be paid off through bank-account deposit. Available for deliveries only in Greece.

* This payment method does not apply to shipments in Cyprus.

2. You can receive and pay your order at our shop.

You may place your order at our e-shop or come at our shop ,take a closer look at our products and buy them on the spot.

3. You can pay your order through bank-account deposit.

You may deposit the total amount of your order to one of our bank accounts. Please contact us for the precise amount of your order, including the shipping cost and make the most of our offers.

Eurobank EFG

IBAN (International Bank Account Number ): GR81 0260 0410 0000 8020 0384 112

National Bank of Greece

IBAN (International Bank Account Number ): GR91 0110 2110 0000 2114 4050 727


Piraeus Bank

IBAN: GR58 0172 2100 0052 1008 9860 132

Alpha Bank

IBAN: GR38 0140 8480 8480 0233 0000 403

Beneficiary: Katsareas & Co, General Partnership

Once you have completed the deposit, please contact us and inform us about the payment of your order.

4. You can pay your order by credit card

You may pay your order by debit card, credit card or a prepaid card in the safe payment environment of Eurobank. We accept Mastercard, Visa Electron, Visa.

Our site, does not collect nor stores in any way your credit card details. The exchange is carried out with the use of the cryptographic protocol of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security system of National Bank of Greece through the redirection to the safe environment of 3D Secure Server of the Bank.