Paddles Canoe-kayak

Large variety of paddles for canoes and kayaks. One piece or folding aluminum paddles for kayak light weight and sturdy. Split paddles suitable for inflatable kayaks that fit inside the carry bag. Multi purpose paddle, divided into two paddles for canoein

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Kayak Paddle Adjustable 215-230cm Fiberglass SCK

SCK kayak paddle divided and adjustable 215-230cm with fiberglass saft Characteristics: ◦ Saf..

Kayak Paddle full Carbon

Paddle kayaks full 100% carbon Slight oval shaft for more pleasant feeling grip. Overall length ..

Kayak paddle reinforced Alu

Kayak paddle with reinforced aluminum shaft Ø 30 millimeters and a blade of reinforced polypropylene..

Soft handles for kayak paddle set

Soft and non-slip handles for kayak or SUP paddle. The easiest and most comfortable way to paddle..

SUP / Kayak Paddle 2-in-1 Zray

ZRAY 2-in-1 SUP/KAYAK Paddle 4 pieces paddle for easy transportation: - 1. Aluminium adjustable ..
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