HUG sit-in kayak 2 person SCK - Red/Black

HUG sit-in kayak 2 person SCK - White/Black

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Brand: SCK
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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ

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HUG Two person sit-in kayak by SCK


Hug is a kayak for two people which is designed to provide convenient storage space and comfort movements for canoeists, as the cockpit is quite open.
The design principles of the Hug is comfort and space, without compromising on speed or stability!
Hug is the ideal choice for sea trips as it is a comfortable kayak with many storage places and great buoyancy.
Back seat is a bit more centrally so the kayak can be handle by one person easily.

Standard equipment

- Waterproof storage with rubber cap
- Handles at bow and stern
- Rudder aluminium
- Stuffed seats with adjustable backrest
- Elastic rope at the stern and the bow
- Round hatch with inner bag on deck between the seats
- Clamps, 16



Length: 5,20 m.
Width: 0,66 m.
High: 0,43 m.
Weight: 40 kg
Total Load: 250 kg
Cockpit Hatch outer: 93 x 50 cm.
Cockpit Hatch inner: 87 x 43 cm


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