SCK AEOLUS 2 Full drop-stitch inflatable two-seater kayak with wood look

SCK AEOLUS 1 Full drop-stitch inflatable 1 person kayak with wood look

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Brand: SCK
Product Code: 0202-12990
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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ


It is Aeolus, who held the winds in his pouch...

Inflatable kayak, full drop stich superior construction quality and excellent navigation! It reaches excellent speeds without having anything to envy of a hard two-seater kayak.

Its design is reminiscent of a sit-in kayak and offers the same fast and stable sailing as hard sit-in models.

If you have been looking for an inflatable kayak that is similar in floatation and quality to the hard ones then look no further, this is your kayak! Easy to store and carry, as it comes with a Deluxe wheeled backpack, it will solve your storage problem.

Made by PVC Reinforced 0.7mm and drop-stitch technology for maximum hardness in addition with the double layer PVC we have as a result the even greater durability of the kayak. The high pressure inflatable bottom provides excellent buoyancy while increasing the speed and weight the kayak can carry.

The deck is made like the bottom, with the drop-stich technique offering excellent buoyancy and awesome hydrodynamics.The wood look offers a more deluxe feel to the kayak but apart from a visual upgrade, it is also another thin layer of material giving the kayak even more strength and hardness.

The bow and stern are tied with a soft cone that offers perfect hydrodynamics to the kayak, stable shape and protects it from bumps.

The detachable fin ensures proper directionality and easy handling.

A water drainage valve is built into the bottom . As you paddle the water that enters your kayak disappears under the bottom without disturbing or being seen. When you get out of the water, you will open the valve and by lifting the kayak a little, all the water that was trapped inside will be released.

The rubber bands on both ends of the kayak are for securing your extra stuff.


- Lenght: 366 cm / 12’
- Width: 84 cm / 33”
- Height: 43 cm / 17”
- Kayak weight: 10 kg
- Max load: 372 kg
- Valves: Two secure HR valves, one for each air chamber
- Automatic pressure relief valve regulates if air pressure exceed 14 psi
- Air pressure on deck: 12 psi
- Air pressure on the bottom: 12 psi
- Paddlers: 1 adult



- 1 Aluminum kayak paddle with a total length of 220cm. Split into 4 parts. Black
- 1 Deluxe seat, adjustable
- Double action high pressure pump with pressure gauge (bar/psi)
- Carrying bag with wheels, back straps
- 9inch safety sliding fin


Dimentions (L, W, H) 3660x 84 x 43 cm
Max load 1590kg

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