Transparent kayak 2-seat SERENUS 2 SCK

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Brand: SCK
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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ

Serenus 2 by SCK

Transparent Kayak for two person

The renewed Serenus transparent kayak for two is perfect for recreational kayaking or even for fishing.

The two-person transparent kayak is ideal for rentals in areas of great underwater interest.

The Serenus 2 has a simple design that makes it user-friendly, with an aluminum frame that keeps the shape of the canoe stable and offers attachment points for seats and inflatable balloons.

Its equipment includes two comfortable Deluxe platform seats, two Deluxe adjustable kayak paddles with white blades, 2 white inflatable balloons, for the bow and stern respectively. Their use is to keep the kayak on the surface in case it gets water inside as it has no "sinks" to drain the water.

A key component is the fin that is attached to the stern to keep the kayak in the right direction.

Around the rim of the kayak, a black rubber band is fitted to protect the users and the kayak.


Standard equipment


• 2 Deluxe kayak aluminium paddles, adjustable 222-232cm, with white blades, divided in 2 pieces.
• 2 Deluxe fabric seats
• 2 inflatable white balloons for the stern and bow of the canoe
• Fin for the stern




- Length: 339 cm
- Width: 91 cm
- Height: 45 cm
- Weight: 20 kg
- Capacity: 200 kg
- Material: polycarbonate


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