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SCK inflatable SUP eψilon 11' package

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Brand: SCK
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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ

SCK inflatable SUP board complete package

Εψilon 11'

For you who want a board for the whole family and friends!

Τhe Eψilon 11’  is designed for up to 130 kg.

The dimensions 335 * 81cm, make it the ideal choice for… basically for everyone!

It's light, it's stable, it has a large surface and can easily 2 people ride together! A stable SUP board that you will enjoy every moment!

It is convenient to transport,  very light and inflates in about 13 minutes.

→ The maximum load indicated on the board is real.The boards can load much more weight. More specific as many liters the board is, this much weight can lift!

→ To choose the ideal board for us, we calculate half the volume of the board. That is, when we have a board with 246L it can lift easily a person up to 126 kg.


Our 11ft board has colors in shades of blue-green to remind us of the wonderful seas of the Aegean!

The board has updated designs which make it stand out and which were based on optimizations of previous designs that are inspired by the waves.

The construction from single layer drop stitch with a board thickness of 5 ”gives perfect hardness offering very good stability. With 5 ”you are closer to the surface of the water, and for that you can have better control of your balance.

The large antislip pad is offered even for SUP yoga. Comfortable and very durable, even on the nails of your favorite pet when it accompanies you on your ...sea walks.

D-rings for kayak seat are protrude from the pad without disturbing. The kayak seat is positioned so that the weight is centered in the middle of the board. This way you’ll have great comfort and the best handling of the board as a kayak.

 The valve is placed on the bow of the board. This placement serves when packing the board, which is made faster by utilizing the fines in the fold.

Τhe Kick tail serves in surfing and assists in spot turns.


Accessories included in the package: 

The pump is dual energy which reduces the time it takes the board to inflate. However, it can be single action, to make it easier to inflate when the air pressure rises and there is resistance in the pump.

The paddle included is an adjustable aluminum paddle with a clamp where if you need to increase the shutter pressure you can do it on the spot without tools.

Of course the leash is included in the package and is a high quality coiled leash in a color matching the board.





- Lenght: 11’ / 335cm
- Width: 32” / 81 cm
- Thickness: 5” / 13 cm
- Volume: 246 L
- Max load: 130 kg
- Weight: 9 kg



- Fins: 1 sliding center 9 inch and 2 sides
- Elastic rope on the bow, for transporting various items
- 4 D-rings protrude from the soft pad around the handle for kayak seat application.
- D-ring at the stern for leash
- Valve in the bow
- Carrying handle in the center of the board, reinforced with neoprene fabric




- Aluminum paddle SUP adjustable 165-220cm, (split  in 3 parts), floats on water
- High pressure dual energy pump with manometer
- Backpack with internal waterproofing
- Safety leash, in turquoise color
- Repair kite 


Warranty: 1 year

The SCK series of inflatable paddle boards ensure excellent quality, great durability, ideal buoyancy, beautiful design and all this at a very advantageous price.

They are boards designed by experienced riders in order to meet the needs of all those who are looking for the ideal board to start stand up paddling.

Max load 130 Kg
Size 350 x 81 x 13 cm
Volume 246 L

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