Soft surf board 7ft Blue SCK


Soft surf board 7ft Rescue SCK

Soft surf board 7ft Red SCK

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Brand: SCK
Product Code: 0106-7442
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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ

Surf Soft-board 7ft Red SCK

An ideal mid-length mini-malibu board that combines short board and long board features,
for those who want a relatively small surf that retains its paddling power and stability.

Ideal for women, teens and children alike
to enjoy every minute in the water whether they try surfing or just play with this sturdy boardwalk.

New look and enhanced design for 2021

All soft board surfs have an extra layer on the deck and bottom which increases the hardness of the board, buoyancy and durability.

The leash included this year has a rubber cover to protect your board and you.  




Length: 7 '/ 84 inch / 213 cm
Width: 21.10 inch / 53.50 cm
Thickness: 2.4 inch / 5.9 cm
Liter: 58L
Round-nose & squash tail



- 3 fins 4.8 inch / 12 cm
- Simple foot leash


Tecnical Characteristics:

- Construction materials: EPS core, XEPE Polyethylene deck and HDPE Slickbottom
- Reinforcement with additional XPE layer around the core
- 4 wood stringers inside for more robust handling and better performance, the two longer wood stringer on middle, and 2 shorter stingers on both sides.
- Safety leash: Straight nylon
- 3 fin system for Soft Surf

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