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SCK SUP board BAMBOO Onyx 11'6''

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Brand: SCK
Product Code: 0103-116125
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Τιμή λιανικής πώλησης με ΦΠΑ

This product has a large volume so a transportation company will handle the shipping instead of a courier. Shipping costs can be arranged upon request but surf center will be burdened part of the cost.

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SUP board with Bamboo coating

The Onyx Bamboo is a well-designed SUP board, ideal for advanced paddlers and those looking for a luxury option.

If it's time to upgrade your StandUpPaddling experience then it's probably time to upgrade your board.

An excellent choice is the Onyx Bamboo from our deluxe line of bamboo coated boards.

The high quality construction guarantees effortless navigation in whatever weather conditions you decide to paddle. One thing is for sure, it will provide you with unforgettable moments!

The double to single concave hull design offers stability even in the most challenging conditions, while the low profile guarantees comfortable paddling even with strong wind.

High-density core made of EPS material and mapple stringer offer great board stiffness and durability. In addition, on top of the EPS core, carbon fibre reinforcement has been adapted to the bow and stern for even more toughness in the sensitive areas of the board.

The board is coated with natural bamboo veneer on deck and hull and further reinforced with fiberglass around the perimeter and rails and lastly with a glossy finish adding sophistication and luxury.

In terms of appearance, deep blue evokes the vastness of the deep sea, which combined with the carbonized bamboo exudes hope and endurance. Characteristics of seafood!


Elastic cord on the bow for carrying various objects.
Large non-slip EVA pad in diamond cut.
Kick tail at the stern.
Comfortable internal and ergonomic handle for easy and safe transportation by one person.
Automatic decompression valve.
Mast-box base for windsurf sail mounting.
Three-fin system with a central US and 2 side thrusters.
Fin-box in the centre of the hull just below the mast-box base.
Base in the bow for mounting action camera
Leash-plug at the stern for leash mounting

A paddle board you can windsurf with!

One feature this board has, is that it offers the possibility to mount a windsurf sail as it has the necessary mast-box in the center above the handle and the base for mounting a keel.

Paddle board hard shell SCK Onyx with bamboo veneer  Paddle board hard shell SCK Onyx with bamboo veneer

The SUP Onyx Bamboo board can be used for learning windsurf but also for an experienced windsurfer, who needs to carry only one board to do-it-all.

You will additionally need a set of sail, a mast-base that connects the sail to the board and an extra fin that will play the role of the keel.


Length: 11'6″ (350cm)
Width: 32″ (81cm)
Thickness: 5″ (13cm)
Liters: 228L
Weight: 12,900kg (12,900lbs)


Set of fins, 1 center US and 2 side 2-tabs thrusters in white
Screw-nut mounted on the board (on both fin-boxes)

Max load 120 kg
Size 350 x 81 x 13 cm
Volume 228 L

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